AYM Student Tutorial

  • Go to the login page (http://www.aymkids.com/login/)
  • Opens to Login page:
    AYM Login Screen
  • Teacher enters User ID and password for child and clicks on "Sign In."
  • Child’s Elementary Learning Center will appear:
    • Child will be on assigned Level: Pre-K, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.
    • Each icon is an activity, the icons can be clicked in any order but all have to be finished before the child can move a new group of activities.
      learning center screen shot
  • Activities (Level Pre-K):

    • To exit from an activity, click the home button.Home Button
    • Click the button to skip the introduction (activity instructions).Skip Button
    • The tally of correct answers on the current activity is shown in the green circle.
    • When the activity is complete, the tally will convert to the percentage score for performance indicated on the activity icon.
      AYM Percentage icon
    • If the student gets below an 80% they have up to seven times to play it and get an 80% or higher.
  • Activities (Levels 1-3):
    • The button exits the activity and takes you back to the homepage.
    • The button skips the introduction (activity instructions).
    • The button replays the introduction (activity instructions).
    • The button takes you straight to the login page.
    • Each activity shows the score received and questions left:
    • When an activity is complete, the icon will show a medal, trophy, or ribbon, depending on what percentage your child received. If the child did not get better than a 79%, he or she can try again, up to seven times, to get a 79% or better.
  • After the activity group is complete the child will be presented with a set of quizzes related to the content that was just competed.
    AYM Syllables Quiz IconAYM Vowel Quiz Icon
  • To go back to the login page from the Learning Center, click exit button. image of AYM exit button