How to Register Your Child

  • Login at
  • You will be presented with a button for each product purchased. Click each button to register each child for the corresponding product you purchased (Pre-K or Elementary product).
    Progress Report screen
  • Once you have clicked on and Add Student button, the Add Student page will be displayed. Here you will enter your child’s information and click on the SAVE button.
    scrennshot of AYM student registration form
  • When the form is successfully saved, you will be directed back to your homepage, where you will now see your child on the list of registered users. Your child is now ready to begin.
    screenshot of Manage Students table
  • If you have purchased the product for multiple children, repeat the above steps for each child and their corresponding product.
  • In order for your child to begin using the program, you must first log out, and then log your child back in:
    • To log out, click the log out tab at the top right of the screen. This will log you out and return you to the login page.
      screenshot of logour button
    • On the login page, enter your child's login ID and password (as distinct from your Parent login ID and password) to log them into their map to begin playing!
      screenshot of AYM login form