AYM Pre-Kindergarten Tutorial

  • Go to the login page (http://www.aymkids.com/login/)
  • Opens to Login page:
    AYM Login Screen
  • Parent enters User ID and password for child and clicks on "Sign In."
  • Child’s Pre-Kindergarten Homepage will appear:
    • Each window is a different subject matter or continuation of a subject matter.
    • Each icon is an activity. The icons can be clicked in any order, but all have to be finished before the child can move a new group of activities.
      Child Pre-Kindergartem Home Page
    • The subject matter categories are as follows:
      • Language Arts
      • Math
      • Science/Health
      • Attitudes/Affective Domain/Social Emotional
      • History
      • Creative Thinking/Creative Arts
    • The child can choose any open window in any order.
    • The selection of a window will take the child to the location presented in the window, displaying that area's Activity Map:
      screenshot of clicked activity
    • The activities will appear in a specific order on the map. As the child finishes an activity, you will see a color and percentage on the icon that will indicate how the child performed on that activity. If the child scored below an 80%, you will see an orange or red replay icon and the child will then have up to 7 times to play it again in order to score an 80% or higher.
      screenshot of activity map
      Activity Map
    • Click theHome Button button from the Activity Map to go back to the homepage and choose another window.
  • Activities:
    • To exit from an activity, click the home button.Home Button
    • Click the button to skip the introduction (activity instructions).Skip Button
    • The tally of correct answers on the current activity is shown in the green circle.
    • When the activity is complete, the tally will convert to the percentage score for performance indicated on the activity icon.
      percentage score
    • After the activity group is complete, the child will be taken back to the homepage automatically.
    • The child will then see the just completed location window close. The child will receive a medal for completing a section and the next section selected will open.
      Pre-K Home Screen