AYM Home Use Overview

  • Go to the login page (http://www.aymkids.com/login/)
  • Opens to Login page:
    AYM Login Screen
  • This is your homepage (home tab).
    AYM Login Screen
  • From here you can see your registered children, or register a new child.
    AYM Manage Students table
  • Once a child is registered the page will display the level selected for the child.
    AYM Level Column in Manage Students table
  • To manage credit cards or subscriptions click the "Here" link illustrated below:
    AYM Account Login link
    • This will take you to your account login page where you will login with the username/email and password you made at purchase.
    AYM Account Login form
  • The Data center tab will take you to your charts: for a chart tutorial please see Charts Tutorial
    AYM Data Center Button
  • The Tutorial tab will take you to our program tutorials. The log out button will log you out and take you back to the login page.
    AYM Logout Button