AYM Household Charts Tutorial

  • Go to the login page (http://www.aymkids.com/login/)
  • Opens to Login page:
    AYM Login Screen
  • Click the Data Center tab at the top of the screen:
    AYM Data Center tab
  • This will take you to the data center and show you all your registered users data, whether you have one or more than one child registered:
    AYM Chart - Overall
  • You will see a summary of your child’s progress in each category. Click the link View Full Report button illustration to see the details in each section:
    • This will link you to the child's Full Report page.
    • Click the dropdown for the category if you would like to see more detail:
    AYM Chart - Detail
  • You will see how well your child is progressing on each activity in the section dropdown you selected.